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Just a note

2009-06-27 22:32:28 by SourPuddle

There are, in a broad perspective, two types of genre's that are opposite of eachother. Techno and Ambient, and Metal and Jazz. Techno and Metal give out a powerful aura of either blaring beats or wicked riffs, and they really help impliment a lot of strength. Jazz and Ambient do the opposite-- they relax. Ambient usually, as far as I seen, doesn't work very much on the percussive section; they focus more on pans and ochestral essenses. Jazz is generally improvision with a long history behind it-- Sometimes it can indeed be powerful, even uplifting, but it's shunned down because of the more popular music's tastes.

I listen to all of them except for Ambient and I am working on a second "Jazz off of Newgrounds that is worthy" CD. If anyone wants the list of what I have, I'll be happy to provide it. I'm also working on a Metal, Piano, Classical and Techno CD as well as a 'Various' CD that has some things like 'Folkadelic' (Yes, you White-Elephant).

I'm a drummer, and I can do almost any style of music. Just PM me and make sure YOU HAVE THE MUSIC FIRST. I have MSN and AIM, but I prefer MSN. I also have Xfire.


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2009-09-27 03:09:24

Very interesting :D.


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