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Boxing Days Boxing Days

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Quality Control!

It's a funny story, but perhaps a more long, over-complicated story would've fit better. It was a little humourous with the metal music behind, but because it was plagued with brevity, it really didn't make the cut the quality deserves. Other then that, the switching from scene to scene didn't seem to mix very well. Perhaps if you touched it up, made it longer and fleshed out the story a bit more, it would be a fun watch.

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Test - Omgar Test - Omgar

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Nice! The only complaint out of me is that you didn't make -more- of what you're doing-- I really do consider you making more, then I would give much more stars. Keep it up homes!

Yazzoooo responds:

Thanks. And make more i am doing. Watch this space. =]

Flash Clocks Flash Clocks

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Very nifty.

I really think this'll help some people-- Even though clocks in most Flash games aren't used, some are solely based on them (Games that have time limits, atleast). I hope you come out with some more tutorials that help out with more things-- But my advice is to have several things in one big tutorial. Keep it up. And when I pressed on this, I thought I was going to learn about the cl0ck animation. All well. :P

mack2404 responds:

Yeah, time limits are the reason for the tutorial. Also, when you say clock animation, do you mean analog clock with hands going round it?

I, in all my Flash Clock mastery, have got one of those, too. But that's worse than this one........

Better Floor Muffin! Better Floor Muffin!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

When we were kids? I eat mud now!

This is a funny piece-- Maybe except because it was so bludeh. But I'm sure we all learn a lesson here. Don't trust muffins. If they bribe you to go in the car with them, don't go in. Unless he's hot. Anyway, good job home's!

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Freewrite Freewrite

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I thought I'd be giving this a zero. . .

. . .Until I found out how ridiculously hilarious it was! xD I got scared at certain parts, because I like to keep my volume low, so when you were mumbling a bit at the start, I jumped when your sister's voice came up-- And at that same second, I saw your sister and jumped again! Scary stuff. But all of the really loud moments were unexpected-- and really funny, man! Keep it up, and I can't wait for a part two!
Oh yeah. How do I do that thing in real life? You know. . .SANGWHITCHED! thing? Because that -would- be pretty awesome to do in real life! :P

JoSilver responds:

Hmmmm... A second ONE????? you gave me somthing to think about my friend...
Well you could try wires or some sorta of sucktion (yes!!! SUCK-TION) device. But I PERSONALLY USE CLOWN MAGIC.. it's Ten Times as Freaky as REAL MAGIC!!!!!!!!


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Yes! Another 'K0rkz' movie!

Too bad they're all confusing, and frankly boring. Although, it's hard to make a flash about that stuff. Of course, you'll tell me I'm 'Hating' because I dislike your words and floating clouds and stuff that makes me wait, and wait, until I stop and think. . .Oh yeah, it's a K0rkz tribute. This is it. Stop making tributes about him-- Maybe try re-doing his flash-work in memory of him perhaps. Otherwise, you should ask yourself before putting it on NG; Would it -really- fit in with everyone who's. . .I dunno, using there imagination and creating actual works with Flash and whatnot? Sorry for K0rkz, and I hope he rests in peace, but I certainly wont until you get your heads straight.

Elite-Sniper responds:

too long; didn't read

Star Fox: Loopy Battle Star Fox: Loopy Battle

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Actually made me laugh!

Wow-- For a second, I thought you were being serious. I love when people make fun of how the video games act-- Like the overused 'Woah!' thing-- And that wasn't even the joke of the whole movie. The loopy thing looked sorta stupid at first, but then I eventually laughed. Good job, happy to know you'll have more.

MCYoshi responds:

Yeah I'm surprised at some of the first people who reviewed this who seemed to think this was serious. The voice acting and other such things are purposely bad to make fun of the games.

SSBB: Pit's Wii Remote SSBB: Pit's Wii Remote

Rated 3 / 5 stars

. . .Cute?

The animations were actually pretty awesome, and the performance did well, but -just- that little part got me interested, and I was waiting for his hand to move into the stadium, therfor the crowd gasping as the large hand brang the Wii remote, so that he could've watched something else. >_> Although, it kinda just ended there. The graphics were awesome man, just throw in a bit more. It would totally get a higher score from me and many others if ya' put a bit more of it on. Keep up the good work, and I hope you make an addition to it.
-The Review Request Club

Hay Wars Hay Wars

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Although I'm trying my best to restrain myself from going all; "AHMYGAHD YOUTUBE NAWT NG" I will not do that, seeing how it was funny. Naw, I'm just kidding. Put it on the tube. But honestly, this was a funny movie even though the only -real- flash was through the lasers. Most probably. Anyway, next time try a more animated thing and maybe I (And many others) wont go all 'YEWTEWB' all over it. Keep it up.
-Review Request Club

Fro responds:

No, I will not put this on YouTube and no I will not put more animation in my future submissions. For some reason people don't know your allowed to put up live action movies on newgrounds that don't have any animation. Back in 04 when I first joined I saw these types of movies all of the time. And I would have to say sorry that you are wrong with the lasers too. The lasers weren't made in flash, which I state in the end of the movie telling me that you didn't watch the entire thing before you reviewed it, which is a terrible thing to do, especially since your a fellow member of the review request club with me. The only thing that was made in flash was the pre-loader and the replay button. And actually you are the only one out of the 38 reviews that went all YEWTEWB on me. Congratulations on that. Thanks for the review.

Ruptonia Trailer Ruptonia Trailer

Rated 3 / 5 stars


The movie was actually pretty good. I liked the interactive part at first-- You can only choose the ASG so far, which came the real interactivitie through the movie-- Moving to see the planet below and such. Although, I think it was a bit too much when you had to press the button, seeing how I was laying back in my 'Flash Movie Mode' so I jumped up and freaked out until finally figured out where the button was. You should make an interactive and uninteractive mode-- That might be a big help. Also, when I pressed on 'Series' it didn't go to any menu-- Let alone anything. Hopefully you'll be able to fix that when the real deal comes through. The graphics were kinda bad, but the humour at the start dismissed it, really. Keep it up.

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DPlato responds:

thank you.