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Disturbing Beauty Disturbing Beauty

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Man, I've been listening to your older tunes for so long. . .When I came back, I had to check you out. Thanks man! This stuff is professional. . .Guess the market isn't exactly in your favor though, eh? I liked this piece, it's a good showing of your darker side. . .You've always had a subtle mystery about your music (as fun and playful as it is, there's always a tingle of malicious intentions!) so it's nice to see you really flesh out that feeling. And you do a great represenation:

"You're a scary paradise" for example-- you just mix the good in the bad right in the pot and bam-- add some VitranDango, keep your 80s voice, we got a great song produced, cut and sent. Thanks man! Don't stop the flow, and if you get a record deal or something, hit me up!

VitranDango responds:

Haha! Hey Sour Puddle, its been awhile! Thanks again too, I appreciate that!

Yeah, I don't think the market will ever be in my favor, haha! I think my market missed me by 30 years, haha! Even modern acts that have a vibe this similar usually have better success in Europe. Hopefully I can develop a live act one of these days.

Yeah, these lyrics are quite dark compared to most of what I do. When building the song, it started to sound deep and dark, so I just drew upon a bad relationship and it kindof fell into place. Its about misplaced sympathy, being drawn into by someone just to fulfill their own wicked needs.

I'm glad you dug the song SourPuddle, I'm kindof proud of this one, so I'm glad you dug it too.

-MiB!- /EnDiNG\ -MiB!- /EnDiNG\

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good

Your bass lowering all other sounds would be because the soundwaves are just that fricken big, that they're blocking out all the other sounds. The beat is good when it's consistent on four-on-the-floor (1-2-3-4-). The bass is really nice and deep, but don't over indulge the listener in it. I noticed the filter changes, too, the hi-hat sounds killer!

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

how would i fix so said prob? i mean it fixes it if i turn it down to the point i cant hear it.
i dont get what you mean when you says four on the floor?
are you talking bout he part thats after the intro where the kicks are at every 4 and everything unlike near the ending where the kicks fallow the pattern more so thin timeing? cos that was me trying something new.
the hi hat is vary simple lol all i did was 1 had the panning go from l to r
and at the slow parts i turned on reverb!
also there where not many filter changes at all to notice XD
bass over all turned really good to me i maid them to lison with my sub and i tryed not makeing them to noticeable so they wouldent be distracting
i put alot of work in on this song and i know im not done

Levitate 4th draft Levitate 4th draft

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Just fine

The notes were fine, but the drums sound like their on steroids. Get a simpler beat in there and don't change it so often. The fills are fine, but you don't want to change your snares pattern too much. It may even be good without percussion. I liked all the melody, but perhaps the bass could be a little more definitive.

gud tekno song gud tekno song

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Dude, this is sexy. Everyone should listen to it at high volume.

Archealor responds:

yeah man it isn't loud enough though

[DN] Complete Trance Shit [DN] Complete Trance Shit

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Warning: You will jizz

Why didn't you write in the description; "you will jizz at this trance upon listening"? Because that's how great it was. You get no stars because 10 stars doesn't justify how good it is. If there was a meter at how sexy this song is, it would break the meter at 10 and hit zero. What the fuck, man?!

DanceNation responds:



The Black Land of Shadow The Black Land of Shadow

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Being a Percussionist and all. . .

The entrance with the timpani and the snare. . .Was just impossible. You can't play a timpani that fast. It just wouldn't work; you would have to be Mike Mangini, because you only use your wrist with timpani. The tuba is honestly just a horrible sample, and I didn't like how the trumpet got to high in octave for ear-piercing lengths. I liked it though; one peice of advise would to be to press F9 when your on your FL music maker and click on one of the things on the right and add a reverb, then maybe put the preset to "the venue". I promise, it will make everything sound more realistic. I really liked the chords you used around the 2:20 and on. You know what you're doin', man, I'll give you that. Also, it's a march. Where's the beat on every quarter note, and the suprises? Don't be afraid to make your songs make you jump.

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EmperorCharlemagne responds:

It's actually pretty embarassing to look back on this song I made a long time ago, back when I knew little about music and even less about FL Studio.

Believe you me, if I made this with the knowledge i had now, it would sound a whole lot less unbearable.

Thanks for the perspective of an actual musician; I appreciate the insight (again, if I had known that over a year ago... yikes!).

Zonnebloemveld Zonnebloemveld

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Always the best Ambience

Man, I go to look for some ambience, and I find crap with IDM beats and whatever the hell shouldn't be in an ambient track; No idea why your stuff ain't popular, I love your stuff, man. Don't let nothing stop you from producing.

Dream Runner Revampd-lidlurch- Dream Runner Revampd-lidlurch-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good

You can always expect the best of Garage Band from you, man. I loved the progressions, but I guess the synths really don't cut it. They're not that bad, you just need to tweak the presets to your liking. I do see a small problem; sometimes, I don't even notice a melody is going on. Maybe if the bells weren't screaming in my ears like some "IDM Vibraphone" for thirty seconds I wouldn't be so focused on how the drummer was pressing down the hi-hat while his two sticks ghostnoted on the drum and occasionally hit the hi-hat. I just suggest no picking such a messy synth for soloing, because it seems like "making it louder" wouldn't be a good idea around. It may just be some equalization and volume/padding (save that the padding is so the bass is practically on your right ear, like in a real orchestra!), but something made the solo with the bell at the end extremely unappealing.

Don't get me wrong, man, you make the best garage band stuff out there, but I can't leave you a review without any type of critisism!

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lidlurch responds:

hmm...Interesting advice. I actually wanted to emphasize that solo, I liked it a lot :P oh well, those are some easy tweaks i could make for a different version. It's a really fun song to play around with ;) yeah, i'm still getting used to the new way i do drumming on garage band.. I don't even have to play it on the keyboard, so there you go! I actually turned the drums down so it wouldn't be so loud, but you know, it depends on the preference of the listener (did you notice the pulsing i put in the drums?). I think i'll keep it the way it is, maybe come back to it some other time... Oh, and btw, i actually changed the instruments up quite a bit, just listen to the original version i posted

Idk if you use garage band but do you know of any way that i could generate my own instruments rather than just tweaking preset ones?

great advice! thanks alot! let me know if you've got any new stuff :)

We're Too Damn Old We're Too Damn Old

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice Vocals!

Pretty nice, man. Some things could improve, like the drum, and an increase on volume on the instruments. Maybe it felt a little too crunched up, too.

Bass Crusher Bass Crusher

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Transitions, transitions transitions!

There was only one real problem other then the generic sounding drums (and how it didn't have a cymbal constant) was transitions. It wasn't so much that new things came out randomly, but perhaps too quickly, or rather the new theme was too quick. The composition in general was great, though.

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lidlurch responds:

yeah, it is a really quick song, so i might put in some longer transitions and some drums, if i can make them fit. I totally know what you mean though, and thanks for the review!